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For your large format scanning needs we represent the Xerox, Graphtec & Colortrac  lines of scanning equipment. From high paced black and white to color graphic scanning, SESI has a solution for you. Scanners are available up to 52" scan width and as fast as scanning an E size drawing in 7.5 seconds. For more information see the below specs, or  contact us.

Xerox XEScan Solution

Intuitive scan-to-file solution for picture perfect imagery

XEScan Solution is an intuitive scan-to-file system that delivers efficient image capture with unmatched ease-of-use and image quality. The XEScan Solution is a stand-alone monochrome system comprised of the Synergix Scan System, XEScan Software, and IEEE 1394-interface card. It offers dedicated scan-to-file and walk-up scan-to-Email, allowing users to easily save and transmit wide-format documents digitally.

Improves quality of originals

Using cutting edge image quality algorithms, XEScan Solution enhances scanned images to make them look even better than the originals. That means you can interpret drawings quickly and easily, completing work faster. The XEScan Solution automatically reduces background noise of scanned documents. Save only the information you need with files optimized for maximum use of your digital archive space.

Intelligent Inline Imaging

The XEScan Solution incorporates the Synergix Scan System, which uses a patented array of CMOS image sensors to deliver precise images every time. Unlike most CCD based scanners, the sensors are completely self-calibrating for image accuracy and eliminate the need for regular servicing to realign the cameras.

Simplifying your workflow

XEScan Solution’s unique user interface allows you to preset four keys for your most common scanning tasks and can be easily changed as needed. Configurations can include such items as batch mode, filter definitions, output resolution, file format, background suppression, and destination directory, all to ensure fast and efficient scanning every time without having to “touch” the PC.


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